Stadtfest und Spain

The past two weeks have been filled with soccer madness and family fun. On July 13th “Die Manschaft” became “Weltmeister” and all of Germany exploded in celebration.


After watching the final game with several friends in town, we unanimously decided that our only next step was to join the massive street party roaring outside. Countless flags, jerseys, drums, fireworks, and smiling faces covered very inch of town.


When I went back to work the next day, I was impressed at how fast the city of Marburg was able to clean up the aftermath and leave no trace of the celebrations from the night before. The next week with no more soccer matches to fill my evenings, I spent my time exploring the botanical gardens, meeting up with friends, and getting back on track with preparing for the fall semester. The next weekend, however, was the annual three day “Stadtfest” or city festival. Every street was once again full of people and stands selling food, beer, clothes, and local crafts. Several stages were set up around the city for free concerts all weekend.


Friday night also featured spectacular fireworks from the castle! It was a good decision to stay in Marburg that weekend and experience the true culture of the city.


The week after I mostly kept working as usual, but all I could really think about was how many more days were left until I would leave for Spain! Wednesday evening, just causally walking home from work, I passed the international folklore festival taking place in the center of town. I had to stop and watch all of the colorful costumes and dances. These boys representing Slovakia were for sure my favorite.


On Friday, the weather was finally warm and sunny and so we decided to spend the afternoon sunbathing in the botanical gardens, a perfect quiet place to relax in the middle of the town. That evening I finished packing and barely slept with the excitement of traveling the next day and the determination that I would under no circumstances miss my flight. So that 7am the next morning, I lugged all my stuff to the train station, took a 1 hour train to Frankfurt, a short S-Bahn ride to the airport, and a three hour plane ride to Malaga, where my already tan sister and my parents came to pick me up. We arrived at my aunt and uncles house in Antequera and spent the next few days with all my family doing wedding crafts, enjoying the pool, and waiting for Oliver to arrive from his long journey from Bolivia.


On Monday, we headed over to Punta Umbria in Huelva and spent the next couple of days soaking up the sun and relaxing at the beach.


Of course let’s not forget about all of the delicious food and drinks that you just can’t find anywhere else!


One evening we hopped over to Portugal just for fun to have coffee and ice cream then went back to Spain in time for dinner. We also visited the life size replicas of Christopher Columbus’s three ships that he used to sail to America: the Pinta, the Niña, and the Santa Maria. Also, with life size statues of the natives that would have lived on the islands in their customary outfits….


After returning to Antequera, we arrived to the “Cortijo”, a country estate in an olive grove where my cousins wedding would take place. The location and the views were absolutely beautiful.


After celebrating a lovely wedding weekend, it was finally time for me to head back to good old Marburg, where of course it was raining…

Besides my regular work, I have also started to prepare for the fall semester. For me, this means starting to prepare for the FE exam and plan out ASCE and EWB events for the fall semester. Realizing how crazy next semester will be, I am going to take every opportunity to enjoy Marburg and my travels around Germany in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I am traveling to Hamburg!

Hasta Luego,



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