Work, Soccer, Beer, Sleep, Repeat

The past two weeks I have stayed put right here in Marburg. While it is hard to believe that 1/3 of the summer has already flown by, I can’t wait for what the rest of the summer will bring! Everyday has kept me busy and I have never really had the chance to sit down and write elegantly about my experiences here. Basically, this has been my daily routine:

8:00 – wake up

8:15 – roll out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, look presentable etc.

9:30 – leave for work

10:00 to 12:30 – morning work session

12:30 – LUNCH! (Many yummy restaurants are just a few short hops away. Seriously, everything from pizza and sandwiches to Thai, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Turkish and everything in between)

1:30 to 6:00 – afternoon work session (Sometimes more or less depending on what needs to be done that day and who is playing the 6pm game…)

6:00 – walk home

6:30 – prepare dinner (I have really been getting better at feeding myself. Although, sometimes cooking for one person doesn’t seem worth the effort…)

8:30 – make plans to watch the 9pm FIFA game

9:00 – watch the FIFA game

11:00 – go home, put on PJs, brush my teeth, get ready for bed

12:00 – ZZZzZZZZzZzZzZZz


Almost every weekday, we (me + German friends and/or other DAAD students from USA and England) pick a new bar or restaurant with a big TV, order a beer, and watch the game. Since Marburg is a relatively small place, all you have to do is send out a mass message saying let’s meet at 8:45 by the Rathaus (Town Hall) you will soon have a fun crowd to hang out with for the evening! On days like today when Germany plays, honking cars and street parties afterwards are basically a given. Weekends are no different really, except without the work part. Saturdays I usually go grocery shopping, run errands, do laundry and so on. Sundays is for brunch and tea time with friends. Sometimes I go for a run…with all this beer I might need to step that up a bit.

Tomorrow I leave for Dortmund where I will be spending the weekend camping on a farm… Hopefully I can contain my allergies and learn about German farming along the way…because why not??

Hopp Schwiiz!



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