First Impressions


One week ago, I had just arrived in Marburg not knowing anyone or anything about the city really. This first week has been absolutely lovely. Marburg is a charming university town  with  lots of character and deep rooted history. As it would take forever to describe everything that I have experienced in just my first week here, I have made a summarized list of my observations and thoughts of Marburg ala Buzzfeed style.

    • Marburg is a very clean and peaceful town, a great place to feel at ease during the summer.
    • The city is built on a hill (very medieval style) with a castle at the top naturally. IMG_3479
    • The Grimm brothers studied here! You can see little statues and art pieces dedicated to their fairy tales scattered throughout the city. (This is just one example of an ode to snow white and the seven dwarfs)
    • IMG_3467
    • The Lahn river runs through the city, a very nice place to relax by the shoreline.
    • My new running trail:
    • IMG_3497
    • Most people are white. The only diversity comes from foreign university students really.
    • Germany reminds me a lot to Switzerland (not really that far away…)
    • German reality TV is just as corny as American reality TV.
    • Wandering around the supermarket is a great way to learn new German words.
    • No free plastic bags either.
    • Although the city is very clean, still a bunch of graffiti in some places (Sorry Angie…)
    • IMG_3438
    • Euros are prettier than American $$ ( 1 dollar = 0.71 euro)
    • Since the town is on a hill, stairs are everywhere! Steep cobblestone steps that is…
    • Did I mention the city has a public elevator to avoid some of those steps?
    • The hike up is worth it for the beautiful view!
    • IMG_3463
    • Everything is smaller here: cities, cars, food portions, waistlines, etc.
    • I’m average at CMU, really short in Germany 😦
    • Everything is closed on Sundays…everything
    • I ironed a blouse with my hair straightener and it actual worked really well!
    • German Thai food isn’t too bad
    • Tuesday was Schnitzeltag…discounted schnitzels for all! IMG_3505
    • Thursday was cocktailabend
    • Beer and water costs the same, and no free refills on water/soda, sad.
    • The sun doesn’t set until after 9:30pm and rises before 5:30am.
    • Marburg has its own American football team – the Marburg Mercenaries
    • Ketchup costs you 20 cents a packet
    • Marburg has a well known school for the blind. It was very interesting to see how blind people are able to get around this city so well with so many small alleys and stair everywhere.
    • I went to see Godzilla dubbed in German in 3D yesterday.
    • Tuesday I also attended a presentation on sustainable beer production, CMU take note.
    • Germans have a lot of national holidays (mostly Christian).
    • German dance clubs: Stay open until 5am+, foosball in the middle of the club, drinks served in glass bottles which results in a lot of shattered glass on the floor, but you get 50 cents back if you return the still in tact glass bottle, a bunch of 18/19 year olds, good combination of euro house and American pop music.
    • Ice cream and pastries are super yummy here.
    • I made a bunch of new friends this week. Everyone is super friendly and fun to hang out with 🙂
    • Using Word/Excel/GIS/most websites in German has actually helped expand my German vocabulary quite a bit.
    • I walk past Spiderman everyday on my way to and from work. IMG_3496 IMG_3504

So that was my first overview of Marburg. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Berlin for “Karneval der Kulturen”. My next post after coming back from Berlin will be a more detailed description of my actual work/research project for the summer. Of course many more pictures and stories are yet to come so stay tuned!

I will end with a great life motto found in my supervisor’s office:


“Awesomeness: If you are sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead”







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