Travel Lab Notebook

As any good engineer, I will try to make my writing concise and to the point. Like all CMU CivE’s, I learned that keeping track of your observations is key to becoming a good engineer and scientist! So here we go:

Travel Observations


  1. Hundreds of people, only two security lines…JFK you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Lufthansa cuisine might be better than CMU’s campus food….but actually.
  3. Being short and flexible is everything when trying to sleep on planes.
  4. If not, then four mini bottles of whiskey and you will sleep like a baby like the guy across the aisle from me.
  5. Why do people bring cats on planes? Woke up to a meowing sound before landing and was very confused at first.
  6. Why can’t all customs officials looks like that 😉
  7. Germans have nice trains.
  8. Netflix hasn’t made its way here yet 😦

Practice German with Me

  1. Der Flughafen (the airport)
  2. Das Flugzeug (the airplane)
  3. Der Pass (the passport)
  4. Der Bahnhof (the train station)
  5. Der Zug (the train…also the name of the town I was born in Switzerland 🙂 )


Since it is currently raining, tomorrow I will start exploring the city and getting to know everyone that I will be working with for the summer. Until then, my goal is to try and fix my sleep schedule!


Die Miriam





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